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Round Shell Connectors

Round Shell Connectors

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Round Shell Connectors made by using high grade raw materials. Optimum quality manufacturing processes and materials combine with exacting design standards are used to design our Round Shell Connectors. After undergoing stringent quality tests, our Round Shell Connectors ensure optimum performance and reliability under an extreme range of hostile environment conditions. These Round Shell Connectors are designed and manufactured in conformance with JSS 50812 and MIL-C-5015.

Series SEE connectors satisfy all the performance requirements of JSS 50812 / MIL-C-5015 and are recommended for conditions where vibration, moisture, pressure and/or temperature are extreme. Strain relief is supplied on most shell sizes.

Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminium alloy. The standard hardware plating is electrically conductive cadmium plated with an olive drab chromate passivation for corrosion resistance. Other plating options include nickel plating, chrome plating and black passivation.

Contacts are silver plated copper alloy for maximum corrosion resistance, maximum current carrying capacity and low millivot drop. Crimp and solder termination are available.

Resilient Polychloroprene inserts provide an outstanding moisture barrier, high dielectric strength and resistance to vibration. Either pin or socket inserts can be pressurized. Other inserts options include silicon.

Strain Relief Clamp
Strain Relief clamps minimize tension at the solder well connection and provide a positive mechanical moisture seal. Complete field serviceability is possible with the strain relief clamp.

Technical & Safety Information
Plug as that part which bears the coupling nut and which is free when unmated. The mating component we refer to as the receptacle. This is normally fixed to the equipment except for the line or cable connector where both mating parts are free.